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Our Team

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At Quell, you will share our love of food and that sense of friendly company you get when surrounded by familiar faces. Quell is a charming and elegant environment where every detail has been thought through passionately and with a degree of obsession. From the Chefs to the Waitstaff, Baristas & Marketing/Design team, we will do all that we can to accommodate and give you that “quelling” experience; a place to belong. Even our coffees are named after customers who are seen as part of the cafe family that we have become.

To say that Quell is a cafe is an understatement, but we really want it to be your regular restaurant experience to relax and enjoy the company of those around you. Our inspiration comes from multicultural and contemporary Australian cuisine, with high quality produce, and the number 1 coffee bean (Frankie’s Beans ranked on BeanHunter) in Sydney: all prepared and delivered to you with love. We truly believe that Australia is up there with the best that food and coffee has to offer and Quell is no exception.

Each member of our team has come from a background of experience in the cullinary and restaurant industry to bring you Quell in all it’s glory. Every personality you meet in our cafe has brought a little something about themselves to make it the unique place that it is and we believe that this is at the heart of what makes it Australian. We know you’ll enjoy coming back again and again as we’ve researched what you, the customer, really wants in a dining experience. We always appreciate your feedback to make it more than we believe it already is: “that chill-out place to be”.

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